Jack Davey is at the forefront of a reaction against the over-produced pop artists of today, hearkening back to the raw, spirited rock n’ roll of the Stooges, Lou Reed, and Led Zepplin. Her rise into the role of solo artist grew out of a period of artistic stagnation, coupled with the birth of her first child and the imperative to bring to light the new, raw sound playing in her head. The constantly evolving Davey, one half of hybrid hip hop duo J*DaVeY, recorded most of the tracks on her double-sided, digital EP L0-F! in odd moments in the makeshift studio her walk-in closet in Koreatown on a beaten up Apple laptop. Following the same artistic imperative, she picked up the skills necessary to express her dynamic vision, learning to play guitar so she could convey her intentions in a solo format, and going so far as to produce Side A of her EP. On Side A, what Jack describes as “shitty” electric guitar summons up kindred spirit Iggy Pop, and intertwined with it, her bluesy, confident voice declaring a new, stripped down incarnation of the artist herself and an era of straightforward rock.

The EP, which draws from such influences as Bessie Smith (a distant relative), Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf showcases Jack’s made-for-rock voice and songwriting. While Side A features Jack and her guitar, Side B includes further instrumentation and is produced by her boyfriend, Joey Strat of the Knux. The album is also a next logical step sonically for Jack, emerging from the fruitful, multi-genre collaboration with Brook D’Leau J*DaVeY. Whereas the duo had a sound laced with electronica, hip hop, and soul, their spiritual connection to such bands as Nirvana and David Bowie serves as a touchstone for loyal fans.

J*DaVeY’s professional milestones most notably include opening for Prince, the Roots, Erykah Badu and Janelle Monet, as well as licensing music to CSI: NY and Nike Latin America. They were also featured as LA Weekly’s Beautiful People cover story in 2011, celebrating their visual aesthetic. After the three-year J*DaVeY project which became New Designer Drug, an album originally to be released by Warner Bros. and ultimately distributed in the duo’s typical DIY style, Jack’s life changed rapidly from the frenetic recording and touring schedule to the new pace of motherhood. Spending her time listening to old records in the company of son Keane Tripper, Jack began to hear a sound previously unexplored by J*DaVeY, which she knew she would have to create herself in order to convey. She taught herself to play a Fender Strat and set about recording the tracks which would become the double EP L0-F!, abiding to the philosophy that “less is definitely more. In this day and age where everyone is so over the top to disguise the fact that they aren’t really that interesting.” Side A will be released October 2nd, with Side B following on November 6th, and a deluxe edition including both on December 18th.

With L0-F!, Jack Davey deftly metamorphoses into a female rock singer of no small consequence in a landscape devoid of significant peers. As Jack herself says: “There’s no cap on who I am as an artist; I can only follow my inspiration.”